Make Mobile Games and Apps More Social

Retain and Engage Players

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Seemlessly Integrated

Get More Retention and Engagement
Social Booster!

AppSteroid provides a host of social features to liven up your application. We boost user retention with our thriving community space where users can freely share information by posting comments, images and play video.

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Migrate Players to Next Game!
Promote Your App

AppSteroid offers the most efficient solution to broadcast your announcement to the entire game community. Promote/Migrate users to the next game through the official forum and direct messages.

Low Cost and High Value
Exclusive Game Service

AppSteroid will help you increase engagement and retention with our extensive and the most fundamental social features for game play experience. Matchmaker, turn base game support, leaderboards and events are all provided with special GUI.

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Stop! Reinventing the Wheel
Basic BaaS (Backend-as-a-service)

AppSteroid ensures you to keep your backend development costs to a minimum. With our backend features for user authentication, social network integration, cloud storage and more, no need to put effort on server side development anymore. We've got your back.

Simple and Easy to Use
Web Console Service

AppSteroid’s Web Console has all the tools build in for developers, marketers, customer service representatives and more to drive your game to success. Launch, configure, manage and optimize your game all in one place.

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